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Drug-Free World Joins SGV Boy Scout Annual Expo

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a community outreach program of the Church of Scientology, participated in the San Gabriel Valley Boy Scout’s Annual Expo at the Santa Anita Racetrack for the first time this year. The Church of Scientology has long been a supporter of scouting. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, became an Eagle Scout at the age of 13.

The Foundation was invited to participate in the Expo by Charlie Wilson, The Rose Bowl District Manager for San Gabriel Valley Boy Scout Council after he had attended their recent Drug Forum at the Church of Scientology in Pasadena, CA.

Drug education is part of the requirement for scouts to fulfill their Second Class Rank. Section 9a states: “Participate in a school, community, or troop program on the dangers of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and other practices that could be harmful to your health. Discuss your participation in the program with your family.”

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World booth was manned by Pasadena parishioners.  They set up a mini theater where 20 minutes of the “Truth about Drugs” DVD was screened every half-hour. The sections on the introduction, alcohol and marijuana were shown at these screenings, as these are the most popular and easily accessible drugs.

Certificates of completion were given to the scouts who watched the presentation as part of their 2nd class rank requirement 9a. Each scout was advised that as part of the requirement they had to discuss what they had learned with their family and explain the dangers of drug addiction to fulfill the complete 9a requirement. Each scout was also given several copies of the “Truth about Drugs” booklet to share with others.

Scout leaders and parents were able to request more information, get copies of the booklets, or book a drug education talk for their group. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World was awarded a presidential ribbon for their booth by the organizers of the Expo.

Scientology Parishioners and Medical Treatment

Monday, January 5th, 2009

For some strange reason there seems to be a huge misconception about what members of the Church of Scientology – in Pasadena and around the world – believe about medical treatment and medication.

Unlike some other religions, we have no disagreement with medical treatment and we are not averse to getting help from medical practitioners. In fact, the church’s position on medical treatment and medical drugs is quite clear:-

The Church of Scientology has always had the firm policy of not diagnosing or treating the sick.

Scientology policy is adamant that no true spiritual progress can be expected if underlying medical conditions remain untreated.

Medical doctors are trained to deal with the physical aspects of illness and injury. A Scientologist with a physical condition is always advised and supported to seek and obtain the needed examination and treatment of a qualified medical professional.

Once under medical treatment, a Scientologist then can address his illness or injury with Scientology counseling to handle any spiritual trauma or other factors connected with that physical condition which may have predisposed him to illness or injury. There are also many medical doctors who are Scientologists themselves.

I have been a member of the Church of Scientology for 40 years. I have raised four kids and over the years every member of my family has had to seek medical attention at one time or another. Active, athletic kids get into scrapes and break bones. My husband had a heart attack ten years ago.  He survived thanks to the doctors and the hospital treatment he received. He takes medication every day of his life now.

I had a very serious car accident and without the excellent medical help I received at UCLA Medical Center I’d be dead.

What we don’t do is take street drugs or mind altering psychiatric drugs of any kind.

Scientologists believe that psychotropic or street drugs damage a person physically, mentally and spiritually. They decrease awareness and hinder abilities.

Many people turn to these drugs as a “solution” to some other problem, only to find that the drugs have become a bigger problem.

But medical help that is needed is always sought.

An Interesting Video About the Pharmaceutical Industry

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Some amazing data from someone who was a pharmaceutical rep.  She is not a member of the Church of Scientology – just someone who has seen the inside workings of the drug companies.

She talks about all kinds of drugs – including the fact that it has been proven that anti-depressants are not effective in most cases.  Nice to hear an insider speak out.