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What is a Scientology Birth?

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008


I noticed that some people are searching online to find information about a Scientology birth. Actually it’s not a Scientology birth – it’s a Dianetics birth. 

L.Ron Hubbard wrote the book Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950.  The book is about how past incidents that contain pain, and any degree of unconciousness, can affect us in the present. This could be as small as stubbing your toe or as big as an almost fatal car accident.  What Mr Hubbard discovered was that the words said while a person is hurt, ill or otherwise not fully conscious, can affect them later. 

How does this work?  If you’ve seen a hypnotist then you’ve seen this at work. What is said to people while hypnotized can be reactivated when they’re awake and they don’t even remember it.  Next thing they’re feeling hot, itching, or in pain – and it’s just from a command said while they were ‘unconscious.’

And the fact is that words said when you are ill, injured or in pain can have a similar effect. Birth is one such incident.  Any woman who has given birth knows that there is pain involved.  And I’m sure you can imagine it’s quite stressful for the baby too.  It’s being shoved and pushed out into the world.  Often when they arrive the first thing they experience is a slap on the rear end.  There are people talking in the room while all this is happening.  Sometimes labor can go on for hours.

birthin a hospitalImage: Found Photos

Preventing any later problems that could be caused by noises and words during the birth is the basis of what is called a ‘Scientology Birth”.

Here is what Mr. Hubbard says:

The mother, then, should be very gentle on herself during pregnancy and those around her should be informed of the necessity for silence after any jar or injury.  Say nothing around a woman who has been struck or jarred in any way.   Maintain silence in the presence of birth.  It is a remarkable fact, and a scientific fact, that the healthiest childern come from the happiest mothers.

And that’s all it is.  We strive to give birth in a quiet, calm atmosphere, so that mother and baby will have no  ill effects from the birth experience.  Some families choose a home birth and others prefer to go to the hospital. But we do like to have the room quiet and calm.