February 4, 2010

Haiti Relief Fundraiser in Pasadena,CA

Last night a group of the Church of Scientology parishioners in Pasadena, CA gathered to hear about the work of our Volunteer Ministers now in Haiti. The International Association of Scientologists (IAS) is funding this relief effort. Volunteer Ministers are working alongside medical teams under grueling conditions, organizing delivery of food and water to the refugee camps and in some cases doing the jobs no one else wants to do – like cleaning toilets.

Folllow Ellen’s Twitter feed for updates on their activities and an inside look at what it’s like to be a volunteer in a disaster area.

volunteer ministers in Haiti

“A group of us went out to a refugee camp, delivering food and medical supplies, helping them organize. It was an open plot of land in a “residential” type area, kind of the equivalent “of a suburban area where each house is side by side and there is grass in the front”, except that here the houses are totally destroyed and there is a lot of uncut grass and rocky dirt road and goats running around.”  Ellen Bennet in Haiti

They need more volunteers because ther are not enough people to care for everybody there.  We hope our Fundraiser wil make it possible for a few more to go and help.

Our group in Pasdena totally supports our VMs in Haiti and we donated $4000 to the relief efforts last night.

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  1. Ingo Says:

    Hello, I see that you are using my photos (which is great!). May I ask that you link back to me at http://blog.volunteerministers.org?

    ingo Lehmann

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